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I paid a Euro to take photos at the Stasi Museum and all I got was this lousy button

(Last Updated On: 2019-08-31)

If you visit the Stasi Museum (Stasimuseum) in Berlin you will have to pay an extra Euro to take photos inside the museum.  I noticed a review on TripAdvisor claim that the reviewer paid this extra Euro and could not find a thing to photograph inside the museum.  What a rip off!

The Stasi Museum is part educational display and part time capsule.  The museum is located in the original Stasi headquarters.  Collections of original furniture and fixtures preserve the look and feel of the era of Stasi and Soviet rule in the DDR.  In addition, there are numerous displays that show the tools the Stasi used to spy on DDR citizens as well as the histories and deeds of key players and informers.

In the header image, a placement guide is shown for the Stasi director’s breakfast.  Below is the kitchen in the Stasi headquarters where that breakfast was prepared.  There are many artifacts like this one seemingly frozen in time.

The kitchen where the Stasi director’s breakfast was prepared.

Phones with barriers to obscure the keypads.

A lounge.

A safe hidden inside a wall.