Portland’s Sellwood Mausoleum

For the last few years I have made an annual pilgrimage to Portland’s Sellwood Mausoleum, also known as Wilhelm Portland Memorial Funeral Home.  The mausoleum is an eight story structure built on a hill overlooking Oak’s Bottom in Portland Oregon.  Inside you will find a slice of Portland’s History.

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A cadaver lift for lifting caskets sits before a window.

A cadaver lift from a bygone era.

Portland Memorial Mausoleum Mural

Portland Memorial Mausoleum Mural.

A beautiful family crypt.

A family crypt.

A hallway near the main level.

A hallway near the main level.

The Kline family Rock of Ages

Rock of ages.



Rae Room Roof

Rae room roof.

Underground hall

Underground hall.

Damaged Shaver shrine

Damaged stained glass.

An old couch

An old couch.

A dimly lit bench

A dimly lit bench.

Chairs with water damage

A puddle of water.

Cremains viewing area

Cremains viewing area.

Time flies love stays

Time flies love stays.

Indeed it does.

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